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Friendo 41

Friendo 41  has a great 41 flavor. With top three terpenes being  Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene, Friendo 41 is a smooth sweet flavor with a hint of peppery. These terpenes make the effects of a nice stoney high, the Myrcene gives you a good body high, the Limonene will have you in an uplifting mood, can help stomach issues and give you the munchies. Carophyllene will help with inflammation, making Friendo 41 an all over relaxing high. 

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Lemon Cherry Runtz

Lemon Cherry Runtz carries that great lemon cherry flavor and effects!! It has a good head high and brings a great euphoric effect. The limonene in this strain gives you an uplifting high especially paired with the anti-inflammatory effects of Caryophllene. Our Lemon Cherry Runtz will give you that body high with the linalool in there also making this a smooth creamy flavor.

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Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb yields a high amount of terpenes making this strain a strong high with amazing flavors. It has high amounts of Myrcene which brings a heavy body high, and makes your high be even higher. Glitter Bomb is flavorful and has high Indica effects with Linalool being a terpene found in lavender it will bring a good floral flavor and sedative and uplifting  effects. The complete flavor of Glitter bomb is sweet, floral with a slight taste of basil in the mix.

Super Buds

Super Budz is a great high will bring you a perfect balance head and body high. Limonene is a high terpene in this strain that brings a citrus essence and increases appetite and creative mood. A smooth earthy velvety taste with a creamy aftertone. Super Budz give you a perfect 50/50 high of Indica and Sativa effects.

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Common Terpenes their effects and benefits in cannabis

Limonene - found in citrus fruits and used in most shampoos and lotions.

Effects and benefits - happy, energetic, increases appetite, good for nausea, anxiety, anti inflammatory antioxidant, anticancer and an antidepressant.

Caryophyllene - Only terpene that binds directly with your CB2 receptors. Found in spices like pepper and cinnamon, no really known effects but the benefits are amazing- reduces chronic inflammation, regulates blood sugar, helps with addiction recovery, reduces cholesterol, prevents Osteoporosis, and treats seizures. 

Pinene - Found in pine trees- Effects and benefits-  helps you focus and gives you energy. Help with short term memory loss, acts as a bronchodilator opens up airways, can stop tumor growth and works as an antioxidant

Myrcene - found in hops and mangos- Effects and benefits- "couch-lock" or sedation. Anti-tumor; influences the body’s endogenous opioids, which can  help your body control pain, can help kill cancerous cells,and improves glucose tolerance

Eucalyptol - found in eucalyptus trees. Effects and benefits - cooling effects that can fight colds, coughs. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, help with pain management.

Linalool - found in lavender, jasmine and rosewood. Effects and benefits - sedative, helps with  clinical depression, anxiety, arthritis and insomnia.

Humulene -found in the flowering cone of the hops plant.  Effects and benefits -promote weight loss,  an anti-inflammatory, helps treat allergies, can help reduce tumor growth. 

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