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The 41 is a cross of Sunset Sherbet & Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, creating a powerful indica. She provides a dessert like taste & aroma that will hit you with a heavy high that is euphoric & relaxing, so kick off your shoes, get comfy & take it easy with this one.

Created through crossing the classic Mimosa X Mac Stomper strains, MacMosa packs bright & happy daytime effects that are perfect for chasing sleep away & giving you a positive mood as you take on your day. This banger, bred by Sunken Treasure Seeds, is a sweet orange you've come to expect from MacMosa paired with a seemingly sparkling grapefruit. High energy without the paranoia or confusion. Great for a social environment.

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Mandarin Cookies is a cross of Ethos Forum Cut Cookies and Mandarin Sunset. With hints of kerosene and diesel, this pungent, sativa dominant hybrid has an overtone of a musky, almost halitosis like funk with a hint of cutie mandarins.

This indica Dominant Hybrid is made up of Seed Junky’s Ice Cream Cake X Kush Mints #11. Right away you’ll notice her super bright bud structure and as you break open the nugs you’ll smell the scent of fall with those earthy potpourri terps. Also, you’re going to notice an unexpected flavor profile with hints of apples yet almost savory beef jerky like terps!

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Cherilla is an Indica Dominant Hybrid that crosses Cherry OG & Gorilla Glue #4. Her nose ranges from pure lemon chamomile with OG Kush aroma. The high with this cultivar is long lasting with a subtle descent. It has that full body high that will straight couch you!  Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep and wake up to infomercials about vacuums...

This cross of Cookie’s Biscotti X Runtz is a sweet indica. With its sugary aroma and its blissful, soothing effect, Biscotti Runtz will bring you into the perfect laid-back sunny day mindset. You can set down your stress and the weight of the world when you pick up a jar of this new Friendo favorite. Inhale all the giggles and the good times with Arlo this summer.

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A cross of Blue City Diesel X Cookie’s Girl Scout Cookies, this slightly indica dominate hybrid will put your body at rest and your mind at ease. Smarties smells and tastes like a trip to the candy store, overindulging your senses in its sweet, fruity and slightly minty palette. Don’t be fooled though, this high packs a bit of a punch, so clear your schedule and kick back with some of your Friendos to chat the day away.

As the famous Gelato hunt unfolded one of the phenotypes was pulled aside and stashed away. It’s THC higher than other Gelatos (often testing around 30%) instantly making it the hunters’ favorite. A cross of Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, it boasts a pungent 41 nose and has an OG golf ball like structure. Deep purple nugs with super swollen calyx. The effect it creates is a heavy sedative, almost Valium like in feeling. After smoking this flower, relax and let everything melt away. This is the Lost Gelato we have all been waiting for.

*Pairs best with a bowl of ice cream and a good movie. 

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Escape from your mind while your body enjoys a sense of deep relaxation. This indica dominant hybrid is a clash of Banana Pie (Banana Kush x GDP) x Face off, bringing it a rather psychedelic effect, notorious in its lineage. Named for its tangy lime taste it’s refreshing flavor will carry you into a dazed euphoria, numbing pain and cultivating rest. Experience a rabbit hole as you puff some Limeaid; the higher you get, the deeper it goes.

This Sativa Dominant Hybrid is created from Girl Scout Cookies and Green Ribbon. The rare cross of opposing genetics gives it an uplifting high accompanied by a soothing relaxation. Named for it’s sweet, minty and herbal aroma, cracking open that lid will bring you right to your greatest candy store rumination. Enjoy a few puffs of serotonin while you’re out with your Friendos, or follow your imagination to its depts with a continual consumption.  

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