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Harvest - Palm Springs

Grass Roots - San Fran

The Grove - La Mesa

NHC - Grover Beach

Higher Lever of care - Holister

805 Beach Breaks

NUG - Oakland

Humanity Wellness - Santa Rosa

Jade Room - OC

Amuse Delivery

The Fireplace - Arcate

Artist Tree - Beverly

NUG - El Cerrito

Planet 13

NRC - Modesto

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While Friendo itself is fairly new to the market, the team behind us has been cultivating epic weed for a very long time. Cultivated California is a talented team of indoor growers who have geeked out on generating the perfect conditions to grow the finest cannabis for all to enjoy. They are the go-to white label for many premium companies due to their consistently unique flavors and high THC and terpene content. 

When it was time to create their own brand, they were super clear that it was not just a brand that would look great on the shelf, but a brand that represented the vibe and culture the team had created. 

Thus, Friendo was born (and little Arlo to boot). We are an easygoing team of collaborators who are serious about the quality of the product we are producing. When all the hard work is done, we know that it's all about enjoying a bit of flower with the people or activities you love. 

Great people, growing great weed.

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Inhale Friendo and exhale laid back chill vibes.

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